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Capital Asset Management

(602) 489-7990
3770 N. 7th Street #200
Phoenix, AZ 85014
Capital Asset Management, (a division of The Capital Companies) offers a vast array of services to our clients which include Accounting, Tenant Relationships, Property Management, Receiverships, Bankruptcy Work, Voucher Control , and Leasing and Sales. The benefits of these services will hit the bottom line in many ways. With constant communication and access to our local management companies, we can create a stable environment and diffuse the escalation of small problems. Also, direct communication with and knowledge of local vendors and state officials can help in reducing maintenance costs. Our financial services department is always looking for ways to reduce expenses for our owners while adding value. "We are your feet on the ground".
capitol asset



TruCom Communications

(480) 214-1023
170 S. William Dillard Dr. Ste. 115
Gilbert, AZ 85233
We offer excellent solutions for all of your network needs. Our certified engineers and trained support staff are ready to visit with you to solve your problems.
We deliver reliable & scalable broadband services through a point-to-multipoint fixed wireless network. Take advantage of our "always on" Internet access.
We provide businesses with dependable, scalable and reliable broadband internet services. Our cutting edge wireless technology provides truly cost efficient service.
Trucom is proud to provide fast, secure and reliable wireless internet service to residents of the East Valley.
Blue Spots are wi-fi hotspot extensions of our network that are great solutions for apartments, hotels, office complexes, and other densely populated structures.

Crown Dental Plan

… the affordable alternative!
Crown Dental Plan

The Small
Business Alliance has located an affordable alternative to dental insurance
that may interest you and your employees…


If yourteeth aren’t becoming to you, You should be coming to us.

Crown Dental Plan is an affordable alternative to dental

COST: Before getting into the details of theplan, let’s talk about the Cost
of a Membership

As a SBA member, you will receive 20% off the public Crown Dental Plan annual and renewal membership rate!...

$79.95 per year.

Two Person
$99.95 per year.

$119.95 per year.

Here is what you get for your membership:

All Members receive pre-negotiated discount prices for over 200 different dental
services at more than 270 participating dentists Valley wide.  These pre-negotiated
discount prices are up to 60% off
, measured against the average of usual and customary rates charged by dentists in Arizona for same service.

But the benefits do not stop there.  Even if you should require dental work that is not listed among the several hundred pre-negotiated discount services, all participating dentists further agree to provide you any such special dental procedures at a discount of 20% off the dentists normal prices.

DENTISTS:  Participating dentists are not hard to locate.  With more than 270 participating dentists, there is a good chance that each of your employees will have ready access to member dentists located near their homes and near where they work.  Many plan members are
surprised to discover that their current family dentist is already a participating dentist with Crown Dental Plan.  Even if your current dentist is not already participating in the plan, you can contact Karla Flores with Crown Dental Plan and she will contact your dentist and see what can be done to sign them up for you.  Crown Dental Plan is adding new dentists
all the time, and they always welcome a lead to locate and hopefully bring on another participating dentist in your area.
You can locate the most current list of providers, full brochure/fee schedule here.

Sign Up Today!

For questions please contact Karla Flores, District Manager:
O: (480) 964-7449
C: (480) 650-0018
Email: crowndentalplan58@gmail.com