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Multi Vitamin & Weight Loss

Multi Vitamin & Weight Loss

Did you know a Multi-Vitamin can help you lose weigh? Most people are
deficient at some level. If you are deficient that will affect your metabolism
which will in turn affect your capacity to burn calories (FAT). Optimum health
is the goal. If you are optimally healthy then you are at your greatest
capacity to look and feel your best.

When choosing a multi there are many brands; “New Chapter” is… a great brand
but a little pricey. “Natures Way” – Alive, is a good, middle of the road,
multi. Men should choose the one without iron and a woman, who still has her
monthly cycles, should choose one with iron.

I’m sorry to say; most people don’t eat perfect and even those that think
they do could more likely still have a minor deficiency. A multi-vitamin is a good

Christopher James